RenRen (schaaap) wrote,

I'm watching this docu on tv. On polygamia. Or something. You know, a guy that marries lots of woman. This man married 6 women, has 29 kids with them, and lives in a desert, 8 hours away from Salt Lake City, in a bunch of trailers. He has a  wife. He married her mom and sister. He married another woman. And her sister. And some other woman.
He married his first wife when he was 35 and she was 14 years old.
God made it this way. The more women you marry, the higher your rank in heaven.
The women all get along with eachother, just like the kids. The women decide when and if they want to get married, the women decide when they have sex, and such things. They can't fall in love with other men. But that man can fall in love with others.

I think this is revolting. It's just. Ehw.
It's like, me marrying my mom's boyfriend and then letting her marry him.
Just think of it. I think it's .. Gah, thinking about it makes me sick.
They have these rituals about Safari's. When they go IT'S A LION, GET IN THE CAR TREE. Which actually made me laugh, but that's not the point.
Can you think of this? Marrying 6 women, or having to share your man with 5 others? Can you just imagine? (Yes mars, I know you think this is a good thing >>)

"It's what Tom wants. What Tom wants, is what I want. I might be jealous. But that's just something I have to live with. I love Tom, and I love his wives. I want them to be happy, and that makes me happy."
"Tom is such a good person, he's giving and all. It'd be selfish to have him all to myself."
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